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3" x 24" x 60 grit A/O Belt

System Three Clear Coat is a two part epoxy coating and laminating resin that cures to a clear, glossy, blush free surface. Use as a sealer, topcoat, or saturation coat.


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System Three Clear Coat is an extremely low viscosity, water white, “penetrating” epoxy system. This epoxy will fill even the smallest cracks and offer a durable finish. Clear Coat cures to a brilliantly clear, very tough finish without the usual “amine blush” associated with some epoxy resin films. Clear Coat contains no volatile solvents. System Three is known as one of the best epoxy resins, and produces a high quality finish.

This product is a two part epoxy coating and laminating resin for use in marine and woodworking applications. Great for a finish to our wood slabs, burl wood, or hardwood lumber. Use as a sealer, topcoat, or saturation coat.

System Three Clear Coat:

  • Features a convenient 2:1 mixing ratio.
  • Is a clear, almost water-white, solvent-free epoxy system.
  • Cures to a crystal clear, glossy, blush-free surface.
  • Sets up reliably to a extremely durable, hard, finish.

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