Slabs over 5 Ft Ash Slab 27″ x 128″


Our live edge slabs are prepared right. Our wood slabs have been properly dried, flattened (S2S), and are ready to be used immediately for your special project. These are great for countertops, benches, tables, headboards, shelves, and even unique wall art. Let your imagination go wild!
*Note: Slabs are flattened S2S in our shop to .001″, however, wood is a natural, organic product. If not handled and stored properly, it MAY move and we can’t guarantee its perfect flatness in adverse conditions.

  • Slabs under 5 Ft

    Slabs under 5 Ft

    Our smaller slabs are good for end tables, desks, coffee tables, shelves, wall art, and other artistic projects. Contact our woodworkers for tips on what finishes and techniques will be best for your application.
  • Slabs over 5 Ft

    Slabs over 5 Ft

    Our large slabs are great for tables, bar tops and counter tops, benches, and more. We have even more more in stock at our store in Addy, Washington. If you live out of the area, call for shipping arrangements.

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