Laminate Miter Joint Bit, 1-3/8″ (Dia.) 45-522

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1-3/8″ (Dia.) Laminate Miter Joint Bit with 1/2″ Shank Producing 45° miter joints in the edge of laminated surfaces

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Laminate Miter Joint Bits rout a 45° bevel on the edge of laminated surfaces, allowing you to build 90°degree corners without showing the dark edge of the laminate. Freud’s Laminate Miter Joint Bits cut plastic laminates quickly and cleanly. Use in hard-held or table-mounted routers. Routs a 45°degree bevel on laminates to produce perfect corner joints Use in hand-held or table-mounted routers Cuts all plastic laminates Freud Perma-SHIELD™ Coating Producing miter joints in plastic laminates

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