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Slotting Cutter Sets 9/16" Depth

Slotting Cutter Set For T-moldings, Spline Joints, Tongue & Groove Joints, and more. 2-3/8″ (L) x 2″ (Dia.)



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Slotting Cutter Sets come complete with an arbor, bearing and clean-cutting 3-wing cutter to quickly cut 9/16″-deep slots and grooves in hardwood, softwood, plywood and composites. Perfect for T-moldings, Spline Joints, Tongue & Groove Joints, and other applications. For use in hand-held and table-mounted routers. Includes three wing slotting cutter, arbor and bearing Slotting cutter features Silver ICE Coating Use on hand-held or table-mounted routers Producing slots and grooves in any wood or composite


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