Radius Canoe Joint Bits

1/8″ Radius Canoe Joint Bit with 1/2″ shank Producing joints for projects such as circular planters and canoes


Originally designed to produce beautiful cedar strip canoes, these matching bits are also a great choice for smaller projects like curving planters, baskets and more. Bit 99-017 cuts the concave flute shape in one edge of a 1/4″ thick strip, and 99-018 cuts the mating convex bead in the other edge. Use these bits to rout hardwood or softwood in CNC or table-mounted routers. Mill perfectly matched joints in 1/4″ material Cuts hardwood, softwood and composite materials Use in CNC or table-mounted portable routers Freud Perma-SHIELD™ Coating Canoes, planters and other curved projects