System Three Quick Cure- 5


Quick Cure-5 is System Three’s standard quick setting “five minute epoxy” system. Also available in black.

Try the cartridges for a pre-mixed, ready to dispense epoxy.


Quick Cure-5 is the standard quick setting “five minute epoxy” system that makes repairs fast. Epoxy actually sets in 5 minutes! Mix at a 1:1 by volume ratio. Quick Cure is ideal for all small jobs requiring a strong bond and rapid cure. Quick Cure is highly water resistant but not waterproof. System Three Quick Cure epoxy is quite thick, but is easily measured by squeezing equal sized lumps from the convenient application bottles.

This quick curing epoxy bonds to wood, fiberglass, concrete, ceramics, glass, and leather.

You can mix in epoxy pigments if desired. See our System Three Pigments here.

System Three Quick Cure 5 is:

  • A two-component, solvent-free, epoxy/polymercaptan adhesive system
  • Ideal for all small jobs requiring a strong bond and rapid cure
  • An excellent adhesive for permanent repairs
  • Great for filling gaps, holes, or cracks in wood before turning or sanding.
  • Highly water resistant but not waterproof, cures at lower temperatures
  • Available in cartridges that dispense with a conventional caulking gun

Quick Cure u-Tah cartridges mix the epoxy for you and make application easy! We also have extra cartridge tips for multi use.


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1/2 pint (8 oz), 1 pint (16 oz), 50 ml Cartridge (1.6 oz), u-TAH Cartridge (8.4 oz), BLACK u-TAH Cartridge (8.4 oz), Extra tips for u-TAH Cartridge, 6 pack

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