4″ x 36″ x 120 Grit Belt


Two pieces bookmatched knife scales, 3/8″ thick each. Most often used to turn knife handles, these wood blanks can also be used for many small projects.

Select an item # to see pictures of each knife scale set with it’s unique flame pattern and figuring.

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This knife scale set is 2 pieces of bookmatched flame boxelder wood for turning a knife handle. Bookmatched knife scales are cut from the same piece of wood so the grains of the two pieces of wood mirror each other. Flame Box Elder is a beautiful wood with a natural red color throughout the grain that can resemble flames.

Each knife scale set is unique and rare with good coloring and figuring in the grain. With these wood blanks, you can produce a truly one-of-a-kind knife handle.

These knife scales are 1-1/2″ wide, 5″ long, and? 3/8″ thick. They are dried, flattened and perfectly prepared and ready for you to begin working the wood and creating your unique flame boxelder knife handle.