Bevel Trim Bit 25°, 25/32″ (Dia.) 29/64″ (H) (1/4″ Shank) 41-108

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25°32″ (Dia.) Bevel Trim Bit with 1/4″ Shank Routing a clean, finished edge on plastic laminates

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Bevel Trim Bits produce a clean, finished edge on plastic laminates with little or no filing. Choose among bevel angles from 8 degrees to 45° in the 41-series bits, which also include a ball bearing guide. Or choose the solid carbide 66-100 for a 7 degree bevel in a very cost effective tool. Rout a clean, smooth edge of laminates with little of no time-consuming filing Cuts all plastic laminates 41-Series includes ball bearing guide, 66-100; is cost-effective solid carbide Use in hand-held or table-mounted routers and laminate trimmers Fast bevel trim of plastic laminate

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