1/2″ (Dia.) x 1-1/2″ H Stagger Bit 14-204

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1/2″ (dia.) Stagger Bit with 1/2″ shank, 3-3/16″ overall length Smooth, fast cutting in thick materials

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Stagger bits combine the balance of a double fluted bit with the speed and versatility of a single flute tool. The cutting edges are offset vertically, and the 14-20° also features opposing shear angles for clean top and bottom edges. Use these tools to rout in wood or wood-based composite material, in CNC, hand-held or table-mounted routers. Balance of a double flute bit, speed of a single flute tool Cuts all hardwoods, softwoods, plywood and composites Item #14-20° has opposing shears for an exceptionally clean top & bottom surface Use in CNC, hand-held and table-mounted routers fast cuts in any wood or composites

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