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Ogee Bowl Bit, 1/2″ Radius 85-007


1/2″ Radius Ogee Bowl Bit with 1/2″ shank, 3-1/8″ overall length Trimming joint between countertops and sink bowls with a rounded ogee design

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Freud Ogee Bowl Bits are precisely designed to trim the joint between solid surface countertops and solid surface sink bowls with an ogee edge, rounding off the top surface and dipping slightly into the face of the bowl with a convex shape. Choose the cutting depth that matches the bowl you are using. Bits include non-marring synthetic bearings to protect the finished surface of the bowl. Specially formulated carbide is ideal for fabricating solid surface materials. Use in hand-held portable routers. Trims the counter flush with the bowl while creating an ogee edge Features non-marring synthetic bearing to protect finished edges Cuts all solid surface materials Use in hand-held portable routers Decorative ogee finish joint between solid surface bowls & tops

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