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Recoverable Bead Glass Door Bit Sets


2-3/8″ (Dia.) x 3″ (L) 1/2″ Shank Recoverable Bead Glass Door Bit Sets
. Creates glass doors that look equally good from the front and back


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The Recoverable Bead System is ideal for high-quality china cabinets and other furniture applications that require glass doors that look perfect from the front and back. Each bit produces a unique profile on the front of the door and a matching profile on the back that can be removed with a 1/8″ kerf saw blade, then miter cut to make a bead to secure the glass panel. Offered in three profiles to suit any design requirement. 99-281 produces an ogee profile, 99-280 produces a quarter round profile, and 99-283 produces a beaded profile. For use in router tables only to route hardwood or softwood door elements.

Routs matching profiles for both sides of the door for the highest-quality projects
Use a 1/8″ kerf blade to remove the back profile to install glass
Use on table-mounted routers only
Ideal for hardwood or softwood doors
Freud Perma-SHIELD™ Coating
Building glass panel doors with matching wooden profiles on both sides

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