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Variable Corner Round Bit 3/16″ Radius


3/16″ Radius Variable Corner Round Bit with 1/2″ shank Rounding two edges in one pass

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The Freud variable corner round bit saves you time by rounding both edges on a board in one pass, rather than using standard rounding over bits that require two passes. Works with stock from 7/16″ to 1-/1/4″ thick, simply add or subtract spacers between the cutters to adjust to match your stock thickness. Use with hand-held or table-mounted routers to cut hardwood, softwood, plywood or composites. Rounds both edges of a board in a single pass Adjust to rout stock 7/16″ to 1-/1/4″ thick Routs hardwood, softwood, plywood or composites Use on hand-held and table-mounted routers Freud Perma- SHIELD™ Coating Rounding both sides of variable thickness materials in one pass

Additional information

Minor Height (m)

7/16" – 1-1/4"

Number of Cutters


Overall Dia. (D)


Overall Length (H)


Radius (R)


Shank Dia. (A)


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