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Glass Panel Cabinet Door Bit Set


2″ (Dia.) Glass Panel Cabinet Door Bit Set with 1/2″ Shank Building beautiful glass panel doors quickly & easily

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Freud’s Glass Panel Cabinet Door Set is the fast, easy way to build strong, tight-fitting glass panel door joints. The unique cutter shape cuts extra strong rail and stile joints with a unique lock in the stile and rail joint, plus significantly more gluing surface. No other set on the market provides this feature. Order the GM005 Glass Panel Spline Molding (sold separately) to secure the glass in place. Use in table-mounted routers to rout hardwood or softwood door parts. Builds beautiful doors with the strongest possible rail & stile joints Easy time saving set-up improves accuracy and increases profitability for the professional Use on table-mounted routers to rout hardwood or softwood Freud Perma-SHIELD™ Coating Glass panel doors with strong joints and removable plastic bead

Additional information

Large Radius (R1)


Overall Dia. (D)


Overall Length (H)


Shank Dia. (A)


Small Radius (R2)


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