2-1/4″ (Dia.) Chair Rail Bit

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2-1/4″ (Dia.) Chair Rail Bit with 1/2″ Shank Create beautiful chair rail and panel moldings

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Mill standard decorative chair rail profiles from any wood species as well as beautiful panel moldings with Freud’s Chair Rail bits. Chair Rail adds a beautiful horizontal detail to any room in the home or office, and these bits let you pick the wood that best suits the room. Use with CNC or table-mounted routers to mill hardwood or softwood molding. Choose your favorite wood, and perfectly match two very popular chair rail designs Use with hardwood or softwood to mill stain grade molding Bits for chair #300 can also be used by themselves for other profiles Use with table mounted or CNC routers Freud Perma-SHIELD™ Coating Mill upper portion of beautiful chair rail, profile #300. Use with 99-478

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