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Daly’s Sea Fin Ship N Shore


Daly’s SeaFin is a deeply penetrating wood waterproofing sealer.

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Daly’s SeaFin Ship N Shore is a deeply penetrating wood waterproofing sealer that may be used as a preparation coat for SeaFin Super Spar Varnish or SeaFin Teak Oil. Hardens wood 15-25%, leaving no surface film. It provides sealing protection from moisture while preserving the natural look of wood. Excellent conditioner on any surface to be painted or varnished.

About Daly’s SeaFin:

  • Deeply penetrating wood waterproofing sealer for interior or exterior use; helps stabilize wood
  • Excellent conditioner for siding, decks, handrails, cabins, hulls, ladders and masts; Leaves no surface film to chip, crack or blister
  • Does not raise the grain
  • Fully compatible with urethane varnishes and practically all stain products
  • Practically colorless, odorless and non-toxic

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