System Three MirrorCast Casting Resin


System Three MirrorCast is a pourable epoxy for filling small voids or castings 1/2″ – 1″ depth


System Three MirrorCast is a pourable or brush-on epoxy system to create a beautiful, durable finish. It is a clear epoxy casting resin designed to fill knots, cracks and voids in wood with minimal shrinkage. Use MirrorCast to fill voids prior to finishing wood projects. MirrorCast can also be tinted with pigment. When cured, MirrorCast can be sanded, shaped and drilled.

You can brush on MirrorCast epoxy for small voids or to seal, or you can pour up to 1/2″ – 1″ deep voids. You can also let cure and pour another layer to increase depth without any lines between layers.

MirrorCast epoxy resin hardens ultra-clear and produces a beautiful clear, bubble-free finished product when done correctly. You can easily mix our color pigments to add color to this epoxy.

MirrorCast casting epoxy can:

  • Create beautiful decorative wood art
  • Fill medium to large size knots
  • Fill large checks and cracks in wood slabs
  • Fill inclusions in wood slabs
  • Be tinted with epoxy pigments
  • When cured, MirrorCast can be sanded, shaped or drilled

What Size to Buy?

Measure the area of your project in cubic inches (L x W X D = total cubic inches)
1.5 Pint Kit – covers 45 cubic in.
3 Quart Kit – covers 170 cubic in.
1.5 Gallon Kit – covers 340 cubic in.

Knots and small voids benefit from mixing MirrorCast and keeping it in the mix cup for 30-40 minutes before pouring into the void. Doing so will allow entrapped microbubbles to escape.

(note: For filling larger voids including river tables, try RiverCast. For thinner epoxy table-top finish, try MirrorCoat. )

We carry system three pigments to color your epoxy resin here:

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System Three


1.5 Pint, 1.5 Gallon, 3 Quart

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