System Three RiverCast Large Pour Epoxy


System Three RiverCast is a pourable epoxy for filling large voids like river tables or castings


System Three RiverCast is an epoxy system specially made for River Tables and other deep pour epoxy projects. You will love how easy it is to mix, pour, and get a flawless finish.

It hardens ultra-clear and produces a beautiful bubble-free, finished product when done correctly. You can easily mix our color pigments to add color to this epoxy.

(This deep pour epoxy is comparable to EcoPoxy’s Flowcast or Liquid Plastic. )

RiverCast deep pour epoxy:

  • Fills voids up to 1.5” thick in a single pour
  • Multiple layers can be poured with no lines
  • De-aerates rapidly
  • Contains no VOCs
  • Easily mixes in 2:1 ratio

River Cast is perfect for River Tables and filling large inclusions in wood, but also for casting and see through encapsulation of objects such as Coins, Photos, Wood, Metal, Concrete, Granite, Copper, Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Leather, Ceramic, Artwork, Rocks, Sea Shells, Fabrics, Paper, Dried Plants and much more. It is a non-toxic, low odor resign that cures clear.

*For medium depth or smaller area voids, try our MirrorCast epoxy. For table-top epoxy finish, try MirrorCoat.

What Size to Buy?

Measure the area of your project in cubic inches (L x W X D = total cubic inches)
1.5 Gallon Kit – covers 346 cubic in.
7.5 Gallon Kit – covers 1,732 cubic in.
15 Gallon Kit – covers 3,464 cubic in.

We carry system three pigments to color your epoxy resin here:

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System Three


1.5 Gallon, 7.5 Gallon, 15 Gallon

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