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Spalted Figured Maple Burl Slab


Wedged shaped live edge figured maple slab

Width: 17″ at bottom 34″ at top across the live edge
Height: 28″
Thickness: 1.75″

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This beautiful Western Bigleaf Maple Slab originated from a burl that was sliced into sequential cuts. We have more like this that are sequential pieces. Once cut, each piece was kiln dried in our DH Kiln to the proper stabilized moisture content and is now ready for further wood working. We further flattened and sanded this piece to 80 grit and wiped it down with denatured alcohol to show the grain. You will need to final sand and finish the piece to your liking. It would make a great compliment to a table or epoxy pour project. OR simply hang it on the wall for its inherent natural beauty.

NOTE: All spalted woods can and will exhibit soft grain that will need further stabilization. Although this slab is In excellent shape with sound wood, some areas may be soft and need further treatment to harden the grain. You can purchase grain hardners at our website or ask us for tips on working with spalted wood.

Dimensions of this slab:
Width: 17″ at bottom -34″ at top across the live edge
Height: 28″
Thickness: 1.75″

Additional slabs are not pictured or listed here. If you order more than one of these slabs, they will be very similar in size and looks. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Please look at picture closely for all the inherent natural beauty and character marks. Our shop offers finishing and custom cutting should you request it for an additional fee.

See our finishes to use along with these wood rounds.

Why Buy from Woodworker Network?
Our motto is “Wood Slabs Done Right”. We take special care to do prepare our burls and slabs properly so they will not twist or warp. Be careful buying slabs that have not been dried properly. We are happy to help with any questions or tips.

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