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Boxelder Slabs - Set of 3


This live edge Boxelder wood slab set contains 3 individual slabs, each progressively larger.

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These slabs come from a box elder tree with some light marbling and flame color grain and light burl figure throughout. This set of boxelder slabs features 3 individual slabs cut from the same log. Each slab is the same shape and progressively bigger, making this a great set to use together or side by side for a unique art project.

Shape of these slabs resembles forest tress or what do you see? Use your imagination on the application!

These slabs come from a box elder tree. Some pieces have bark. All are dry and ready for finishing. Rough cut.

Dimensions for each slab: (width measured in widest area)

A- 12″ x 18″
B- 13.5″ x 18.5″
C- 15″ x 26.5″

Each slab is 1″ thick

These boxelder wood slabs are dried and ready to use on arrival.

Click here to see our finishes to use along with this slab.

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