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Blued Pine Lumber Pack -116


Three blued pine lumber boards (overlapped in picture), all 4′ long and planed to 7/8”.  Board one is 9.5″ wide, AA blue both sides and AAAA wormy both sides. Two wider (12″ wide) boards are A wormy and A blued both sides.

11.17 board feet total


Out of stock

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These Blued Pine Lumber Packs are full of character and beautiful blueish coloring and natural wormy holes throughout the wood. Each piece is unique and will produce a one-of-a-kind finished product.

Bluing and Wormy Description

Blue Pine, also known as Denim Pine, is predominately found in Ponderosa Pine trees. The “blueing” in blue pine occurs when thousands of very small beetles (pine beetle) attacks the tree by boring and burrowing into and under the bark of the tree. The beetles carry a fungus on their bodies which has a slight blue/green/gray color that is carried to the rest of the tree. The bluing is not harmful to humans and will not fade or change over time. It accepts wood stain and finishes well and has no decaying properties to the wood.

Beetles known as Pine tree borer create the oval and round holes you see in our blued pine lumber. You will also see some of these holes plugged with sawdust and small stringy wood fibers. These need to be stabilized (hardened) in order to get a smooth finish. You can incorporate epoxies and colorants to accentuate or mute these depending on finishing goals.

Weighs 2lbs per bf

Our Wormy Grading Scale (The more A’s the wormier the wood)

A- 10-15% worm holes one face

AA- 20-40% worm holes one face

AAA- 50% worm holes one face

AAAA-60% + worm holes one face

Our Bluing Grading Scale (The more A’s the Heavier the Bluing)

A- 10-15% bluing one face

AA- 20-40% bluing one face

AAA- 50% bluing one face

AAAA-80% + bluing one face


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