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Ambrosia Maple Lumber Pack 4


This Ambrosia Maple hardwood lumber pack includes 4 boards 2 (9″ wide), 2(5″wide) x 48″ long, with a total of 9.3 board feet.

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This hardwood lumber pack includes 4 boards 2 (9″), 2(5″) x 48″ long, with a total of 9.3 board feet. All our boards have been dried and surfaced two sides to 13/16″, sides and ends are rough sawn and are ready to be worked. This is a one-of-a-kind listing and you will receive the exact boards you see in the pictures. We have several other packs of Ambrosia Maple available, see our store for more sets.

Ambrosia Maple is a soft maple distinguished by it’s colorful streaks throughout the wood. These colorful marks are caused by a fungus carried by the Ambrosia beetle as it bores into the tree and leaves these small holes “trails” behind. It results in a beautiful pattern when finished. (All beetles have moved on and are no longer part of these boards.)

Background is a creamy white while the color ranges from greyish-blue to brown. We picked the nicest color and pattern available for this pack.

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